Oblivious target

‘Oblivious target’ is the English translation of my book ‘Onbewust doelwit’. Julie Kennedy took  care of the translation. 

Oblivious target is for sale via the Amazon Kindle Bookstore.

Kieran, a young man from the Netherlands, looks forward to attend an IT conference in Koblenz. The first evening things go awry when his roommate is stabbed. He becomes the main suspect. After being questioned and released, Kieran hopes things will get back to normal. He becomes close friends with Sabine who helps him with his struggles. He is oblivious of his stalker.
The detectives need to investigate with Kieran the past to catch the perpetrator and to find the motive for this murder.
The story takes place in a conference and a brewery in Koblenz with a few scenes in Genua (Italy). It is set in March 2019 with flashbacks to 1989.

For now my website will have one English page.

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